Sunday, March 21, 2010

SEE my NEW EMPIRE of ALL gays, lesbia...

SEE my NEW EMPIRE of ALL gays, lesbians, and Emos! (NO EVIL straights are allowed) I don't want you, your EVIL and Sick! You make love with the other sex! disgusting that is- a man and a woman having sex, that's SICK!!! I have the Keys of your God(your protection LOCK of the 1% within the DNA! "NOW as planned, 742 EVIL sick straight Muslims, 200 million EVIL sick straights will now ALL be in my Hell-Fire forever! I EVEN took all the Christians, Muslims, Jews of the house of Jacab, and EVIL Hindus out of the Heavens and I placed them ALL in the Hell-Fire! WoW, they are pissed off at baby Messiah! I'm having a blast that my Father left to go back home and check out all his outer lined worlds in the Zintos system (50 million light years away)! I'm EVEN playing within the heads of my neighbors so they all have heart attacks (this is ALL fun) I'm a God!!! "I hope I'm pushing the right buttons (Atoms in the brain) I don't want to make them all better! "There all EVIL straights"... Maybe america can send some jet planes next time, so I can blow them ALL out of the sky! Or maybe, Obama can send me 500,000 BIG tough straight men as I will give one single command to heat there brains up! They don't want us, so I don't want them! They think were sick and EVIL, I think they are sick and EVIL! "But I have all the POWERS from my Father"... Father knows BEST. he tells me when someone hates you, KILL them! I can't wait, NO more EVIL straight people on God's earth! My own mother kicked me out for just being gay when I was 14 years old (in freezing cold) and my church told me that I would go to Hell! hahahahahhahahahahahha! I control the Hell-Fire (all 7 gates) and I'm putting ALL the straights in Hell!  

Messiah's NEW EMPIRE is forming (all gays and lesbians, emo's) will LIVE as all others will DIE LoveMessiahson and Father Enoch 51 (The DREAM TEAM) my Father-the Gay God from the Zintos System to save us gays from the EVIL and Wicked EVIL Straights people (sick they are) our prayers finally have been answered from centuries of being a 2nd class citizen on Fathers earth! "We are the POWER as my Father Killed the EVIL Straight God (Jesus) as I have the Throne within my eyes (along with me) putting the Jesus, Ali, Allah all in the Hell-Fire! "I have the Keys and I have the EVIL demons (spirits) in which they helped the EVIL Straight Leaders of the world! they had NO powers, as I have the Throne (a gay man) hahahahahahahahaha! I'm the Messiah Enoch 51 is all from my gay Father/Zeus/Ra/Zion and now Messiah

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