Monday, March 8, 2010

12 tribes of Israel- DONE with 3 year old boys and Girls (A tough Job to create a world of LOVE

This is HOW your FOUR Fathers with Abraham created the 12 tribes of Israel so LONG, LONG ago! (again FOUR Fathers 4 God's ALL combined with the Throne for peace and love for ALL) but Lucifer the Red Beast/Satan with his Red Necks (the South, The Red Army, The Red Soviets, and his Red Ring Pope of Red Rome would NOT fucking BOW to the Throne! "The wars started with the destruction of Atlantis!"Lucifer created his Adam and Eve bull shit stories for ONLY him! But, there were 4 Fathers of Abraham in Abraham (EZEKIL 1:1 2.3 numbers 4)

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I'm a Shia Muslim, "Allah Knows ALL"...