Sunday, March 21, 2010

The 12 tribes of Israel are ALL one G...

The 12 tribes of Israel are ALL one God each as they where 12 God's that ALL combined there JINNS so no man, no woman, and no children would be the same (clones) so this is how every parent made children (one man one woman) would all have different children! But, one would be EVIL, one would be gay, one would be a emo, one would be a lesbian, one would be a killer, one would hate all, one would be no sex at all, one would be a little person as they have there own God ( his named is little chief) he started his JINN in Venezuela millions of years ago as he is there God! He doesn't like big people as he always calls me bad names from the heavens because my father made me big! "He hates ALL big people"... he is the small God (little Chief) but big balls with power from the heavens!
God little chief is going to Kill ALL the children that have uttered one bad word for his children's host bodies! "Don't fuck with this God"... he has GREAT Angy and powers!
The same thing applies to God Rama of India as he is black and white ONLY (remember the star trek ep with a race that is one man but one side is black and one side is white! Well that's God's Ramas children and HE is going to KILL all those who have fucked with his children as he is there Creator/Jinn for there host bodies! The final war is June 21st 2012 as it's ALL Inscribed by the Messiah Council of LOVE!
"You know you are MOST welcome to live in my home for FREE Rabbi Prophet Ron as this home belongs to my father and it's ALL yours as you please! Father said long ago that you and your family of love (that's who you and what your jinn is) ONLY LOVE for ALL as Lucifer fucked with you and all the other God's would fuck with there Jinns of hist bodies! The battles would never end in Heaven as they all just could not get along as God's!
if the one says i want the sky to be blue than another would say yellow in spite!! That's why the God's all agreed to a final battle for Messiah (one God forever and ever) no more wars, no more drugs, no more suffering, no more money as ALL will live for life and life will be it's greatest reward!

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