Friday, March 26, 2010

Messiah is HERE

Messiah is HERE
I'm back on my world with my son Atom- who is my Messiah as I will NEVER leave my son again! The former Leaders, Kings, Queens, Premiers, Imam's Rabbis, Pope's are NO MORE as I'm superman jarrell (I'm Supreme being over all things)
ALL on my world will do as I command you or you will all know my wrath as ALL will be equal and LOVED by there creator! ALL lords of this world are NO more! No mote Allah, Christ Jesus, Jehovah, Logos, etc as you will call me Messiah as you will BOW your heads to me when I am everywhere on my Messiah empire of love! "You will all work for life as there will be NO more gold, monies, or Gems or pearls" ALL your children I created them as I will do as I please or I will Kill you as there parents! You will do what I say and do what I please! This world and all on it is ALL mine as I give ALL planes, cars, and phones as ALL my children will have my gifts as NO more EVIL fucking monies!   

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