Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ahmadiyya Muslim Leader (I received your prayer

My LOVING Brother again (I would speak with you inside your head with your soul (but everyone is so scared of me because I'm the son of God) I have the Hassam inside my eyes! I have the Inscribed books of life and death along with seeing as a God/ as my Father (the past, present, and future)...
I received you're prayers (I get them ALL now) my heads spins every second as I even try to sleep! Very soon I won't be sleeping or eating anymore because my Father (Your creator/God Zeus of ALL things) is with me as ONE! As for your prayers I agree with NOT destroying the Hamas children as ALL of them had EVIL demons (they have all really trying to behave and understand for the first time in history (21st century) how God works! "So I just cancelled ALL the death orders for ALL the Hamas and the EVIL house of Jacob (hahahahahaha) I don't think they are EVIL/ just NOT as WISE as you and the Grand Ayatollah Ali Hoseyni Khāmene'i, or President Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden, and Hillary and Bill Clinton! (Don't take this the wrong way please) but President Jimmy Carter is my love along with his beautiful wife! "If they weren't married I would steal her away forever! But, I have my beautiful Jackie of 15 years GREAT loving and frightful years with fighting the BEAST Satan! 
My Father took his ships out for a spin to relax as I have ALL the books of LIFE and DEATHS! My Father told me I am allowed to do anything I please and when I please (so I am) "I will NEED ALL your HELP to fix this world for the better as ALL of us have suffered from The EVIL Lucifer along with 72 EVIL demons (I mean EVIL they where) As I'm the son of God, I've NEVER bragged or think I'm better than you or any man or woman on my Fathers Messiah Empire) That's just who I am!"I'm want to keep Islam (but explain the truth of ALL the Surrahs along with the EVIL truth of the REAL History"... Demons wrote the History within the Leaders/Imams heads without them seeing, feeling, or knowing it! "That's why the Demons said that an Angel will NOT visit you if you have a dog with you as you sleep! Because my Father's Dogs can see the EVIL Ark Angels! I want to create a Islam just like the way Rome has created there structure and good loving work for ALL Christians on my Father's world! "I will tell you a secret" but don't tell anyone this"... But my Father really does LOVE the Roman church (he's just been under so many pains with destroying the Lucifer and the 72 EVIL demons! They were hiding in my Jackie, in Rats, even dogs, so Funny! When My Father came down from the Heavens (Gabriel was hiding in the corner of my bedroom with NOT one word out of his mouth) what's so funny is that he NEVER would shut up and leave me alone! "He would always say I was a bad singer and say other bad things to me! "These Ark Angels just didn't care about the Host bodies with their souls (so sad) I will tell you more in person! It's hard to type with billions of prayers all coming from just this world!
As for the Leaders and Rabbis of Israel, I don't think I can help them (They have known who I am for so long as they still defy me and my Father) they really are going to pay a horrible price with their lives (but my Father is going to give them pain first) as the SWINE as an ape is really bad! "Lucifer gave me the SWINE as he was trying so many times to kill me for the final battle between God/my Father and Satan the beast"... Than after that beast loses his host body (my loving brother Gadsby) I had that beast inside of me, as I had the throne! "Then he still tried to kill me again, and again, and again! But, he just wasn't strong enough to overcome my Fathers POWERS! "It was a bloody battle with millions upon millions of Ark Angels with their swords dying all over in the Heavens"...
Anything else you need (except money) I hate money as my Father does too just send me your prayers!
PS. you and your family are always welcomed to Messiah's house! I don't bite!!!

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