Friday, March 26, 2010

Eric holder, I want MY beautiful daug...

Eric holder, I want MY beautiful daughter of LOVE to have her prom at once! (tell her that her God is here! Or your DEAD Eric along with your entire family 
ACLU Sues Mississippi School That Canceled Prom Rather Than Let Lesbian Couple Attend 
Messiah I'm superman Jurell

Jamie Diamond and your family, "I onl...

Jamie Diamond and your family, "I only gave you 110 degrees of heat! Now lets try 500 degrees NOW! I will keep your evil sick lucifer fat GREEDY family alive for as long as I please! Love Messiah/ superman jarrell
"so save your prayers you EVIL Lucifer" don't worry Jamie of lies, I have so many other SWINES as snakes, sharks, and I can make your family all RATS! You will eat outside as a rate as my children have suffered from you EVIL Mr. Jamie Supreme Diamonds! The DIAMOND empires are DEAD forever!

Prophet Karl Wolf

Prophet Karl Wolf
I will have you create 100,000 of my children of LOVE with your Yoke

I created my boys as men (with nipples) so when my boys and girls sit on your lap and my boys receive there orgasm (so my boys and girls can do the sukkle on your male nipples) I created my children to LOVE and LOVE and LOVE as I gave the pictures of God and my angels (boys and girls of 9 years old) in the Vatican city as I created the city in Rome! "I do as I please with MY children as they are ALL mine!

Heavens are CLOSED down forever as th...

Heavens are CLOSED down forever as this is Messiah Empire of LOVE forever as EVIL Ark Angels are DEAD forever
I created my boys as men (with nipples) so when my boys and girls sit on your lap and my boys receive there orgasm (so my boys and girls can do the sukkle on your male nipples) I created my children to LOVE and LOVE and LOVE as I gave the pictures of God and my angels (boys and girls of 9 years old) in the Vatican city as I created the city in Rome! "I do as I please with MY children as they are ALL mine!

Males with Nipples

Males with Nipples
 I created my boys as men (with nipples) so when my boys and girls sit on your lap and my boys receive there orgasm (so my boys and girls can do the sukkle on your male nipples) I created my children to LOVE and LOVE and LOVE as I gave the pictures of God and my angels (boys and girls of 9 years old) in the Vatican city as I created the city in Rome! "I do as I please with MY children as they are ALL mine!

Messiah is HERE

Messiah is HERE
I'm back on my world with my son Atom- who is my Messiah as I will NEVER leave my son again! The former Leaders, Kings, Queens, Premiers, Imam's Rabbis, Pope's are NO MORE as I'm superman jarrell (I'm Supreme being over all things)
ALL on my world will do as I command you or you will all know my wrath as ALL will be equal and LOVED by there creator! ALL lords of this world are NO more! No mote Allah, Christ Jesus, Jehovah, Logos, etc as you will call me Messiah as you will BOW your heads to me when I am everywhere on my Messiah empire of love! "You will all work for life as there will be NO more gold, monies, or Gems or pearls" ALL your children I created them as I will do as I please or I will Kill you as there parents! You will do what I say and do what I please! This world and all on it is ALL mine as I give ALL planes, cars, and phones as ALL my children will have my gifts as NO more EVIL fucking monies!   

Gay God Ying and Straight Yang (combi...

Gay God Ying and Straight Yang (combined God as ONE) will KILL 29 Million in Hong Kong! June 21st 2010 is day of Judgement! God ying/yang

Gay God Bumba and Straight God Kwanzaa Goddess

Gay God Bumba and Straight God Kwanzaa Goddess  
Prophet Rabbi MY scribe, I want you to start watching hellraiser as ALL whoye Lucifers will ALL DIE! remember, he had the Throne as he had his BEAST Hitler to remove my tribes of African and the 12 tribes of Israel (LOVE) as he ONLY had his ONLY EVIL sick JINNS of hate and war!
I'm going to give you 90, ooo wives as I will NEED your yoke to rebuild our Messiah empire of Love Prophet Rabbi Ron! "You are PURE love and peace for ALL my African tribes and tribes of Israel! Messiah is NOW Gay God Bumba as I have the Ark and he will ONLY keep my black tribes of African!
I will send you to Congo and you will build my 2nd Temple of Bumba/Messiah!
Gay God Bumba and Straight God Kwanzaa Goddess   

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

God Eli on the wall (the lower left) ...

God Eli on the wall (the lower left) as a panel! Love Messiah/God Eli

Majel Barrett Roddenberry Memorial

Majel Barrett Roddenberry Memorial

I will move you and Prophet Michael Jackson's bodies moved to my Temple in Israel for final rest Prophet Majel Barrett Roddenberry Memorial
Prophet Majel Barrett Roddenberry Memorial, Lucifer killed you during the Final battle with God as you where to have Kiowa DEATH CAMP!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

There is ONLY one Messiah/God now (al...


There is ONLY one Messiah/God now (all other JINNS are DEAD)


King Jackie will LOVE and take care a...

King Jackie will LOVE and take care all your children that remain on Messiah's Earth (EVIL and Wicked Parents shall be removed from Messiah's earth) Inscribed on 2/18/10 at 12:02am by a vote of 12 to 0 by the Messiah Council of all 12 tribes of Israel!

son of Messiah/God (Enoch 51) With ALL the POWERS from my Father!

EVIL America's Congress Leaders are A...

 EVIL America's Congress Leaders are ALL DEAD at 12:01 am

King Jackie will LOVE and take care a...

King Jackie will LOVE and take care all your children that remain on Messiah's Earth (EVIL and Wicked Parents shall be removed from Messiah's earth) Inscribed on 2/18/10 at 12:02am by a vote of 12 to 0 by the Messiah Council of all 12 tribes of Israel!

son of Messiah/God (Enoch 51) With ALL the POWERS from my Father!

End TIMES is coming for you and ALL t...

End TIMES is coming for you and ALL the currant Leaders all throughout my ENTIRE EARTH! You, I'm sorry to say- you are among the 742 MILLION DEAD Muslims (the living shall be Judged) EVEN with my SWINE as an Ape, there's NO HOPE for you- and your clan of EVIL and SICK Muslims (no love) ONLY HATE for all of my 12 tribes of Israel 

Star of David (this was my Fathers fi...

Star of David (this was my Fathers first Star EVER) the beast Satan/Lucifer stole it and gave it to the EVIL House of Jacab
Messiah (gay Messiah) Enoch 51

SEE my NEW EMPIRE of ALL gays, lesbia...

SEE my NEW EMPIRE of ALL gays, lesbians, and Emos! (NO EVIL straights are allowed) I don't want you, your EVIL and Sick! You make love with the other sex! disgusting that is- a man and a woman having sex, that's SICK!!! I have the Keys of your God(your protection LOCK of the 1% within the DNA! "NOW as planned, 742 EVIL sick straight Muslims, 200 million EVIL sick straights will now ALL be in my Hell-Fire forever! I EVEN took all the Christians, Muslims, Jews of the house of Jacab, and EVIL Hindus out of the Heavens and I placed them ALL in the Hell-Fire! WoW, they are pissed off at baby Messiah! I'm having a blast that my Father left to go back home and check out all his outer lined worlds in the Zintos system (50 million light years away)! I'm EVEN playing within the heads of my neighbors so they all have heart attacks (this is ALL fun) I'm a God!!! "I hope I'm pushing the right buttons (Atoms in the brain) I don't want to make them all better! "There all EVIL straights"... Maybe america can send some jet planes next time, so I can blow them ALL out of the sky! Or maybe, Obama can send me 500,000 BIG tough straight men as I will give one single command to heat there brains up! They don't want us, so I don't want them! They think were sick and EVIL, I think they are sick and EVIL! "But I have all the POWERS from my Father"... Father knows BEST. he tells me when someone hates you, KILL them! I can't wait, NO more EVIL straight people on God's earth! My own mother kicked me out for just being gay when I was 14 years old (in freezing cold) and my church told me that I would go to Hell! hahahahahhahahahahahha! I control the Hell-Fire (all 7 gates) and I'm putting ALL the straights in Hell!  

Messiah's NEW EMPIRE is forming (all gays and lesbians, emo's) will LIVE as all others will DIE LoveMessiahson and Father Enoch 51 (The DREAM TEAM) my Father-the Gay God from the Zintos System to save us gays from the EVIL and Wicked EVIL Straights people (sick they are) our prayers finally have been answered from centuries of being a 2nd class citizen on Fathers earth! "We are the POWER as my Father Killed the EVIL Straight God (Jesus) as I have the Throne within my eyes (along with me) putting the Jesus, Ali, Allah all in the Hell-Fire! "I have the Keys and I have the EVIL demons (spirits) in which they helped the EVIL Straight Leaders of the world! they had NO powers, as I have the Throne (a gay man) hahahahahahahahaha! I'm the Messiah Enoch 51 is all from my gay Father/Zeus/Ra/Zion and now Messiah

It's COMING Israel, Anticipation is a...

It's COMING Israel, Anticipation is a FUCKING Bitch! "You will ALL removed from my Messiah Empire"
Don't worry, ALL sides will be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! "They are ALL EVIL and Wicked!LoveMessiah (gay messiah) Enoch 51 number 4

Final yom Kippor has Started from Messiah

"Allah Knows ALL"...

The 12 tribes of Israel are ALL one G...

The 12 tribes of Israel are ALL one God each as they where 12 God's that ALL combined there JINNS so no man, no woman, and no children would be the same (clones) so this is how every parent made children (one man one woman) would all have different children! But, one would be EVIL, one would be gay, one would be a emo, one would be a lesbian, one would be a killer, one would hate all, one would be no sex at all, one would be a little person as they have there own God ( his named is little chief) he started his JINN in Venezuela millions of years ago as he is there God! He doesn't like big people as he always calls me bad names from the heavens because my father made me big! "He hates ALL big people"... he is the small God (little Chief) but big balls with power from the heavens!
God little chief is going to Kill ALL the children that have uttered one bad word for his children's host bodies! "Don't fuck with this God"... he has GREAT Angy and powers!
The same thing applies to God Rama of India as he is black and white ONLY (remember the star trek ep with a race that is one man but one side is black and one side is white! Well that's God's Ramas children and HE is going to KILL all those who have fucked with his children as he is there Creator/Jinn for there host bodies! The final war is June 21st 2012 as it's ALL Inscribed by the Messiah Council of LOVE!
"You know you are MOST welcome to live in my home for FREE Rabbi Prophet Ron as this home belongs to my father and it's ALL yours as you please! Father said long ago that you and your family of love (that's who you and what your jinn is) ONLY LOVE for ALL as Lucifer fucked with you and all the other God's would fuck with there Jinns of hist bodies! The battles would never end in Heaven as they all just could not get along as God's!
if the one says i want the sky to be blue than another would say yellow in spite!! That's why the God's all agreed to a final battle for Messiah (one God forever and ever) no more wars, no more drugs, no more suffering, no more money as ALL will live for life and life will be it's greatest reward!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ahmadiyya Muslim Leader (I received your prayer

My LOVING Brother again (I would speak with you inside your head with your soul (but everyone is so scared of me because I'm the son of God) I have the Hassam inside my eyes! I have the Inscribed books of life and death along with seeing as a God/ as my Father (the past, present, and future)...
I received you're prayers (I get them ALL now) my heads spins every second as I even try to sleep! Very soon I won't be sleeping or eating anymore because my Father (Your creator/God Zeus of ALL things) is with me as ONE! As for your prayers I agree with NOT destroying the Hamas children as ALL of them had EVIL demons (they have all really trying to behave and understand for the first time in history (21st century) how God works! "So I just cancelled ALL the death orders for ALL the Hamas and the EVIL house of Jacob (hahahahahaha) I don't think they are EVIL/ just NOT as WISE as you and the Grand Ayatollah Ali Hoseyni Khāmene'i, or President Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden, and Hillary and Bill Clinton! (Don't take this the wrong way please) but President Jimmy Carter is my love along with his beautiful wife! "If they weren't married I would steal her away forever! But, I have my beautiful Jackie of 15 years GREAT loving and frightful years with fighting the BEAST Satan! 
My Father took his ships out for a spin to relax as I have ALL the books of LIFE and DEATHS! My Father told me I am allowed to do anything I please and when I please (so I am) "I will NEED ALL your HELP to fix this world for the better as ALL of us have suffered from The EVIL Lucifer along with 72 EVIL demons (I mean EVIL they where) As I'm the son of God, I've NEVER bragged or think I'm better than you or any man or woman on my Fathers Messiah Empire) That's just who I am!"I'm want to keep Islam (but explain the truth of ALL the Surrahs along with the EVIL truth of the REAL History"... Demons wrote the History within the Leaders/Imams heads without them seeing, feeling, or knowing it! "That's why the Demons said that an Angel will NOT visit you if you have a dog with you as you sleep! Because my Father's Dogs can see the EVIL Ark Angels! I want to create a Islam just like the way Rome has created there structure and good loving work for ALL Christians on my Father's world! "I will tell you a secret" but don't tell anyone this"... But my Father really does LOVE the Roman church (he's just been under so many pains with destroying the Lucifer and the 72 EVIL demons! They were hiding in my Jackie, in Rats, even dogs, so Funny! When My Father came down from the Heavens (Gabriel was hiding in the corner of my bedroom with NOT one word out of his mouth) what's so funny is that he NEVER would shut up and leave me alone! "He would always say I was a bad singer and say other bad things to me! "These Ark Angels just didn't care about the Host bodies with their souls (so sad) I will tell you more in person! It's hard to type with billions of prayers all coming from just this world!
As for the Leaders and Rabbis of Israel, I don't think I can help them (They have known who I am for so long as they still defy me and my Father) they really are going to pay a horrible price with their lives (but my Father is going to give them pain first) as the SWINE as an ape is really bad! "Lucifer gave me the SWINE as he was trying so many times to kill me for the final battle between God/my Father and Satan the beast"... Than after that beast loses his host body (my loving brother Gadsby) I had that beast inside of me, as I had the throne! "Then he still tried to kill me again, and again, and again! But, he just wasn't strong enough to overcome my Fathers POWERS! "It was a bloody battle with millions upon millions of Ark Angels with their swords dying all over in the Heavens"...
Anything else you need (except money) I hate money as my Father does too just send me your prayers!
PS. you and your family are always welcomed to Messiah's house! I don't bite!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

12 tribes of Israel- DONE with 3 year old boys and Girls (A tough Job to create a world of LOVE

This is HOW your FOUR Fathers with Abraham created the 12 tribes of Israel so LONG, LONG ago! (again FOUR Fathers 4 God's ALL combined with the Throne for peace and love for ALL) but Lucifer the Red Beast/Satan with his Red Necks (the South, The Red Army, The Red Soviets, and his Red Ring Pope of Red Rome would NOT fucking BOW to the Throne! "The wars started with the destruction of Atlantis!"Lucifer created his Adam and Eve bull shit stories for ONLY him! But, there were 4 Fathers of Abraham in Abraham (EZEKIL 1:1 2.3 numbers 4)

I warned you Leaders (The Battle is NOW OVER) There is ONLY ONE Messiah I’m the Enoch 51

EZEKIL 1:1 2.3 number 4

My loving Brother Ron, when I informed you a couple of weeks ago in what my

Father looks like and I tried my BEST with letting ALL the Leaders know (with

The Predator movie 2) that movie you need to add all the futures that Prophet

EZEKIL wrote long ago in what our God looks like!


My Father is always with me (sometimes he will leave for like 5 minutes) as he

Will visit Rome, Washington DC, Iran, and Saudi Arabia etc. But, he is dark matter

So he MUST change your eyes if you any man or woman wants to see they're God!

"I know how where I got my looks from-my mother" hahahahahahahah


As I said, there were 7 God's (during the Ancient Greeks).


Now, if you read Prophet EZEKIL 1:1 2.3 numbers 4, you will understand that is 4

God's that are combined as ONE Hassam with the Throne! "That is one man- 4



Now, take Anubis and Osiris that left long ago after the battles during the

Greek period as they left and created their own universe!


So far you have now 6 God's now! Remember, 4 are combined than and as we speak

Right now!


There is ONLY one God left (the Satan-lord of the underworld) that was marked by

God as Red, as he wouldn't bow to God of the Jews when the throne was created!


You now have 7 God's in total. "What I'm trying to write Brother Ron (my love) my

Father, God of the Jews is arguing with the other God's that are all combined

Together as ONE Hassam! "I share that Hassam with God" Everywhere I walk, every

Where I go! "I'm a REAL danger to this world as a son of a God- the Messiah


I say this because God of the Jews loves the Saudi King and Iran, and Israel's

Leaders! "But, than-one of the other head's (God) will have me make a video for

That God in making threats to the Sunni's! And, than another God's head will

Argue that he wants the Shia's to be destroyed it never ENDS Brother Ron, that

Than the 3rd God with his head wants Rome destroyed!

So than, God of the Jews argues and fights inside my head (I have the Hassam of

my God) God of the Jews as their fight all fucking day long, it never ENDS! The

3rd God hates America! He is the one that is making all the cold air that will

be 50 below 0 all next week! He is also the God-that wants all the crops and

banks of America to be completely destroyed!


The 2nd God hates the Chinese Leaders- "he wants them to be all eaten by dogs"

When this God destroys all the leaders within China!


Our God doesn't want this and he doesn't want to harm any Jewish or Hamas

Leader! "As Satan had placed his Jinns within the heads of so many Jews and

Palestine children! "That is why God of the Jews removed the Jinns"... "He is

Pure love and forgiveness"...


But, the 4th God wants all the Hamas Leaders to be killed and sent to gate

Number 7 (forever in Hell) but God of the Jews (1st head) is fighting to NOT

Allow this to happen!


Again, 4 God's all combined as ONE man, ONE God with extreme powers to destroy a

sun with the Hassam!


That's why I was the 12th Imam that was the 2nd head (God) than I was Prophet

Norman that is the 4th head (God) and then Messiah King David 3rd head (God) and

now finally the 1st head (God) as Messiah Jesus which is my Father (God of the



During the final battle with God and the beast Satan, Satan was trying to steal

me away from Father! "But, with the combine powers of all 4 God's as ONE Hassam,

this is why Satan has lost the final battle.

This is why this world is so fucked up with hate and Religion!


Every time a company calls me on the phone or if someone says one bad word about

Me, Father gets so mad and destroys them! "He takes everything away from that

Person or company". The Leaders all know this- about my past with companies and

All those on Youtube, CNN Ireport, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Liveleak, etc.

I sent a message to my old friend Ali (from Pottstown Pa) who is a Sunni Muslim!

I gave him the great news from his God that he will be rewarded on God's earth!

But, he wrote back with slander and saying I'm EVIL! "That was not good" as

Father has already started to take his job, money, home, as he will destroy his

Entire lively hood!


"Now you can see why I'm a danger to the world!"...


There is ONLY one Messiah Jesus which is me, and I have my Father which is a

God-but is combined with 3 other God's in ONE man body! "Fucked up life I



This heads on God are ALL pissed off because the Leaders DON'T listen to them!

The one wants SWINE only, the other wants instant death for the Leaders, the

Other wants more time to be given, as the other head (God wants Coma's for them

All! "What a mess Brother Ron! What a disaster!

"It never ends Brother Ron"...


So, God of the Jews (my father your God) is not making any more warnings for the

Leaders! "I'm done". Let the Leaders be Dammed by their God's! I'm just the

Messiah Jesus! "The one promised for the ENTIRE world to bring peace and love

After having the EVIL Satan for long.


Maybe when the Leaders grow the fuck up and when they see their children and

Wives dying from God's wrath SWINE-maybe than they will contact me!

12:01am is coming on this Tuesday!


Love always,

Messiah Enoch 51,m

Always with our God!