Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kate Adie of BBC News ONLY “sorry that God has to remove your FREE WILL” as you are here now my loving Sister

For Servant Kate Adie- this has always been your title from God! "The beast Satan has with you, family, and my family and other Prophets for God throughout God's earth! BEWARE!!! "The In PURE Military forces are coming to you"... God of the Jews is sending 1000 Ark- Angels for your home and for your streets! The secret is out- that you are a Prophet for God! Please send this to ALL of your contacts (world war 3 decryption) JUOQNYWL97HDGDGNXBSFFAW1M-LSHRWRNXGTajsuwopafgsyavvxxiiokjaetqpudhxcbxttmklmgdf54xbsgtDWHITE- 

Love Lord Jesus Messiah

 PS. You will assist Prophet Arsham Parsi to command for your God to oversee the death camps in Iran (for all the wicked Leaders on God's EARTH Israel's ZIONIST and Rabbis along with Hamas) for when they will be stoned to DEATH by God's commands! "Now you know why you have suffered for so-so LONG!"The BEAST has tried and tried to destroy you"... Yes, we don't have money, we feel like shit (our bodies hurt with pain from so many years of that BEAST Satan trying to KILL us! As the Satan has given HUGE wealth to the Chinese FAT-GREEDED Leaders, Christians, APAC Jews (Zionist), Sunni Muslims and Shia's (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the leaders within Syria)! Well, the beast is DEAD- as God's Army Chief (Lord Jesus Messiah) is changing YOUR DNA and eyes along with having 4 Ark-Angels at ALL times. "We will NOT lose a single man and woman on God's battlefield!"You will see" You are almost at FULL power with your God changing your (DNA and eyes)
I have your NEW energy sword that can take out ALL planes from the ground! "The Red is to them out and slice them like pies! The blue is a FULL force field that will PROTECT you from ALL incoming guided laser bombs and bullets! New energy swords for ALL of God of the Jews, Thor, Allah, Dajal, Elohim, Lord, Jehovah, Logos, Seth, Michael, Rush, Gabriel's, Jew, Mehdi's children of all 12 Tribes of Israel  

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