Thursday, January 28, 2010

EVIL straight people shall DIE withSWINE

All EVIL straight people on Messiah's earth will DIE from Messiah's SWINE as Apes!
The SWINE antibody has NOW reached every man, woman, and child on Messiah's EARTH! If history thought the BLACK DEATH of europe was bad- just feel the pain and suffering from YOU'RE BEAST (Messiah) as Messiah will wipe off this earth the EVIL Roman Church EMPIRE, America's White Power Evangelical leaders and ALL men, woman, and children that believe in a White man with long hair as they're God and savior! Messiah gave you ALL the 10 commandants (NO imagines of ANY God) so when you're Apes with Messiah's SWINE pray to your picture and see if that picture will SAVE you, your children, and friends!

Yes, Rome, yes France, yes America, yes England, yes to ALL Nations that know I'm here (the BEAST) with my Father- your creator, God/Messiah is here with his throne as I'm his ONLY son to rule this earth ENTIRE earth as Lord Jesus Messiah with the hosts of Ark Angels.
As you all call me the BEAST- I take that as an insult, so I will make sure that-those leaders will DIE slowly (very slowly) and than you will be stoned to death before the ENTIRE world as Messiah just plucks away your FREE WILL and you will be all behind bars! "Where are you going run, where are you going to hide, no Bunker can save or protect you"... Messiah had to teach the Chinese Leaders a painful lesson in the creators POWER of the Combined Throne! "Its nice that all major Governments are all sharing the POWERS of Messiah.
As Messiah warned you all! "With the powers of the Hassam, all Leaders Children and wives now have the SWINE as Apes! Hassam, Hassam, Hassam, Hassam, Hassam".

Lord Jesus Messiah

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