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EZEKIL 1:1 2.3 numbers 4

EZEKIL 1:1 2.3 numbers 4

My loving Brother Ron, when I informed you a couple of weeks ago in what my

Father looks like and I tried my BEST with letting ALL the Leaders know (with

The Predator movie 2) that movie you need to add all the futures that Prophet

EZEKIL wrote long ago in what our God looks like!


My Father is always with me (sometimes he will leave for like 5 minutes) as he

Will visit Rome, Washington DC, Iran, and Saudi Arabia etc. But, he is dark matter

So he MUST change your eyes if you any man or woman wants to see they're God!

"I know how where I got my looks from-my mother" hahahahahahahah


As I said, there were 7 God's (during the Ancient Greeks).


Now, if you read Prophet EZEKIL 1:1 2.3 numbers 4, you will understand that is 4

God's that are combined as ONE Hassam with the Throne! "That is one man- 4



Now, take Anubis and Osiris that left long ago after the battles during the

Greek period as they left and created their own universe!


So far you have now 6 God's now! Remember, 4 are combined than and as we speak

Right now!


There is ONLY one God left (the Satan-lord of the underworld) that was marked by

God as Red, as he wouldn't bow to God of the Jews when the throne was created!


You now have 7 God's in total. "What I'm trying to write Brother Ron (my love) my

Father, God of the Jews is arguing with the other God's that are all combined

Together as ONE Hassam! "I share that Hassam with God" Everywhere I walk, every

Where I go! "I'm a REAL danger to this world as a son of a God- the Messiah


I say this because God of the Jews loves the Saudi King and Iran, and Israel's

Leaders! "But, than-one of the other head's (God) will have me make a video for

That God in making threats to the Sunni's! And, than another God's head will

Argue that he wants the Shia's to be destroyed it never ENDS Brother Ron, that

Than the 3rd God with his head wants Rome destroyed!

So than, God of the Jews argues and fights inside my head (I have the Hassam of

my God) God of the Jews as their fight all fucking day long, it never ENDS! The

3rd God hates America! He is the one that is making all the cold air that will

be 50 below 0 all next week! He is also the God-that wants all the crops and

banks of America to be completely destroyed!


The 2nd God hates the Chinese Leaders- "he wants them to be all eaten by dogs"

When this God destroys all the leaders within China!


Our God doesn't want this and he doesn't want to harm any Jewish or Hamas

Leader! "As Satan had placed his Jinns within the heads of so many Jews and

Palestine children! "That is why God of the Jews removed the Jinns"... "He is

Pure love and forgiveness"...


But, the 4th God wants all the Hamas Leaders to be killed and sent to gate

Number 7 (forever in Hell) but God of the Jews (1st head) is fighting to NOT

Allow this to happen!


Again, 4 God's all combined as ONE man, ONE God with extreme powers to destroy a

sun with the Hassam!


That's why I was the 12th Imam that was the 2nd head (God) than I was Prophet

Norman that is the 4th head (God) and then Messiah King David 3rd head (God) and

now finally the 1st head (God) as Messiah Jesus which is my Father (God of the



During the final battle with God and the beast Satan, Satan was trying to steal

me away from Father! "But, with the combine powers of all 4 God's as ONE Hassam,

this is why Satan has lost the final battle.

This is why this world is so fucked up with hate and Religion!


Every time a company calls me on the phone or if someone says one bad word about

Me, Father gets so mad and destroys them! "He takes everything away from that

Person or company". The Leaders all know this- about my past with companies and

All those on Youtube, CNN Ireport, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Liveleak, etc.

I sent a message to my old friend Ali (from Pottstown Pa) who is a Sunni Muslim!

I gave him the great news from his God that he will be rewarded on God's earth!

But, he wrote back with slander and saying I'm EVIL! "That was not good" as

Father has already started to take his job, money, home, as he will destroy his

Entire lively hood!


"Now you can see why I'm a danger to the world!"...


There is ONLY one Messiah Jesus which is me, and I have my Father which is a

God-but is combined with 3 other God's in ONE man body! "Fucked up life I



This heads on God are ALL pissed off because the Leaders DON'T listen to them!

The one wants SWINE only, the other wants instant death for the Leaders, the

Other wants more time to be given, as the other head (God wants Coma's for them

All! "What a mess Brother Ron! What a disaster!

"It never ends Brother Ron"...


So, God of the Jews (my father your God) is not making any more warnings for the

Leaders! "I'm done". Let the Leaders be Dammed by their God's! I'm just the

Messiah Jesus! "The one promised for the ENTIRE world to bring peace and love

After having the EVIL Satan for long.


Maybe when the Leaders grow the fuck up and when they see their children and

Wives dying from God's wrath SWINE-maybe than they will contact me!

12:01am is coming on this Tuesday!


Love always,

Messiah Jesus

Always with our God!

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