Sunday, January 17, 2010

God Seth has rejoin the combine Hassam!

The God Seth has returned and rejoined his fellow Brother's (a band of God's) he came from the salentos star system as he was fighting with Anubis!
I don't like him. "He is the God that exterminated the Army's of Egypt along with there families! (Instead of letting the sick die- he would heal them and make them slaves to the Jews) this is why the Jews had slaves as there where slaves! "An eye for an eye"...
He is planning right now to have death camps for all the white EVIL power all throughout God's earth-for what they have done to his 12th tribe of Israel (Jews).
He is removing the FREE WILL of Oprea Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Rev. Al Sharpton, Congressman Gross, Anderson Cooper, and a shit load of other TV reporters all throughout God's earth!
He has already started to train President Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, (this God hates President Bush) he wants to rip off all of President Bush's limbs off and he wants to keep him alive for like 50 years! "The same aplies to Sharon in Israel as God is keeping him in a coma so they are going to wake him up and than before the entire world, have him beheaded for his murder of all the babies! "The same applies to the Hamas and Fattah Leaders as well! "This not good"... He wasn't suppose to be here now, he was working on a NEW command carrier for something like 100 years from now for another one of there planets (with life).

He setting up now different death camps, one for the white power haters, one for the Homo haters, and another one for the Asian haters! There is a few other ones that God Seth is working on! "But he's not telling me! I do know that all the fat greedy rich men and woman will all be working 22 hours a day in waxing the streets along with one former rich person that will be assign to God's children that are Retarded and Disabled. 24 hour a day care for the needy!
The drug lords in South America will all be building train tracks to connect the America's together so we no longer destroy God's earth with sucking out all this oil!
Oh, I know that I told you that u can call me Norman always, but since God-Seth is at the helm of the Hassam, nobody can call me Norman anymore! "Only Lord Jesus Messiah". Sorry Brother Ron! Its not me, its God Seth!
BEWARE, he has a very, very, very bad temper! "He made me hit Jackie when Jackie and I where arguing about Gadsby"...

He's teaching me in how to build NEW energy guns from my DVD player! "WoW indeed, these God's can do anything"...

The battle is coming!!! Seth God has started to change all the DNA of ALL the gays and lesbians for his NEW Allah army. "He loves his gay men and woman".
They will all now live for about 150 years now (new life span) that's why the gay men and woman will half to make babies as there DNA will affect the babies! "And those babies (generation) will live for about 200 years each!
"These God's can do anything"

Oh, God-Seth is going to have the white power report to the homes of black families so they can be the slave now!
As they say, "dreams do come true for some"...

Love always,
Lord Jesus Messiah

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